I can support you in multiple ways, all completely customizable.

My services are listed below as suggested starting points that I have used successfully with others. You can read about their experiences and results here.

All of the options have a unique and powerful element of Neurolinguistic Programming and coaching strategies woven in to upgrade and maximize your outcomes.  I work with those who want to reach their highest performance, enrich their mindset, gain access to highly resourceful and confident states, increase energy, and eliminate unwarranted reactions to stress.


Transformational Change

During your Personal Breakthrough Session we will use natural conversation and integrative advanced techniques to work with unconscious processes that are at the root of most of your problems in life.

4 Part Breakthrough Session

1. Interview - Uncovering any negative emotion and internal limiting decisions and beliefs hidden in the unconscious.

2. Values Elicitation Process - We elicit and rank values to get clarity on how your values impact what you do with your time.  Motivated toward your outcomes instead of away from negative emotions, you will have the ability to make decisions with ease and confidence going forward.

3. Mental and Emotional Release - Releasing baggage found through negative emotions, limiting beliefs or decisions. Moving down the timeline of your mind, you will identify and make changes as necessary to eliminate blocks.

4. Outcome and Goal Setting - We will create and visualize a specific outcome having gained clarity, confidence and congruence with what you ask for, and then formulate specific goals to begin focused action.

The organic process may include exploration of a personal metaphor, leading to deep and comprehensive understanding of your stuck states and incredible insights to move you forward.


Meditation/Hypnosis process to integrate new learnings and communicate your new decisions and choices to your unconscious mind while in a relaxed and meditative state.


Fly. Prosper. Soar.

Fly. Prosper. Soar.


Individuals or employers can make a tailored learning development plan. We work together to develop a customized plan which includes three to ten key skills, depending on the length of the contract.  We begin with the identification and ranking of competencies required for high level performance in a professional role. This package includes instruction, (individual or group) situational coaching, and any technique work necessary to eliminate limiting decisions or beliefs tied to key result areas, and values elicitation as needed. Individuals will develop a detailed description of their ideal skills and qualities and SMART goals as a part of their process.

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