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I was born in Mexico. My father died of cancer when I was thirteen months.  My mother had to face adversity and struggle raising a daughter alone. Five years later we would come to the U.S. hoping for better opportunities.  These events brought challenges and gifts that shaped who I am today. My experiences taught me about connecting to that that is bigger than us, having a mindset of growth and gratitude, leading in service, being resourceful and working hard for your goals, having honor, and giving and earning respect, to name a few. 

Some might argue that the chances were high that I might grow up with a mindset of lack and fear, and that I might give in to anxiety, or even depression.  Instead I became strong, resilient, and highly spiritual.  From a young age I was a leader and a role model.  I influenced people to love themselves, to love others, to strive for their personal best, and to NEVER let ANYONE tell them something was not possible.  With help from my mother and by working  various jobs, I earned a graduate degree, and then leadership roles in the professional world. At 26, I became a senior leader for the first time.  I mentored, developed and coached others into their next level of performance.  

My internal personal journey began at the age of six, believing in something that I could not see and acting as if it was reality.  This has been the absolute critical foundation for my life.  Faith plays a major role in how I live my life, in gratitude and confidence that there is an omniscient higher source ready to give us the desires of our heart.  Sunday school stories about faith and miracles, a book on a bookshelf at home titled The Power of Positive Thinking, then Illusions. All of this planted a seed about how our thoughts and beliefs influence our reality. As an adult I became fascinated with psychology, emotional intelligence, spiritual practices around the globe, then mindfulness, and meditation.  More recently, quantum theory and neuroscience have begun to influence my approach to an empowered life. We can make positive changes.  There is a clear theme.  We have a choice in how we think, feel and react to life. We have resources, and we can create just about anything we want!  

I have travelled extensively, mostly alone. I lived in foreign countries navigating more cultures and new languages.  I experienced two marriages, a divorce, motherhood, job loss both by choice and layoff, and much more. Each phase required a clear purpose, focus and discipline.  I chose to take the gifts and the learnings and design the next chapter.  The most valuable lesson I learned was that if I kept showing up every day living in gratitude, knowing without a doubt that everything was working for my good, anything was possible.

In my work I learned about organizational development and helped individuals and leadership teams grow and improve performance.  I became a Master Practitioner and trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming to address the mental and emotional aspects of the kind of personal growth required for real success in business and in life.  After twenty years of experience and continuous learning, I now combine my business experience and the powerful, unique tools of NLP to facilitate development and transformational breakthrough. Watching courageous individuals transform themselves is an honor and extraordinarily inspiring. It brings me incredible joy to serve by helping clients see and fulfill their full potential.