I Focus on Empowering You!

increase your energy ✶ develop specific competencies to get ahead quickly ✶ reach your highest performance ✶ enrich your mindset ✶ access highly resourceful and confident states ✶ eliminate unwarranted reactions to stress ✶ feel free joyful and limitless


Areas of Focus

Transformational Change

Choose a problem, an area where you wish you could turbo-charge your performance, or something you want more of but can't seem to attain. Uncover negative emotions, limiting decisions/beliefs and release baggage to eliminate blocks and make changes. Clear up your values to be more efficient with your time, make decisions easily and confidently, and move toward outcomes with clarity, congruence, energy and motivation. Focus and act decisively after formulating outcomes and SMART goals. The organic process may include exploration of a personal metaphor, and comprehensive understanding of stuck states and insights to move you forward. Optional: Finish with a meditation/hypnosis process to integrate new learning in a relaxed state.


Individuals or employers make a customized learning development plan which includes three to ten key competencies for high level performance. The program includes instructional classes, (individual or group) situational coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming technique work to eliminate limiting decisions or beliefs tied to key result areas, and values elicitation. Individuals develop a detailed description of their ideal skills and qualities and SMART goals, practice through assignments, and have access to private coaching outside the class.


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Mea Crescendo At Its Core

Crescendo: growing.  Crescendo: an increase in force and volume. I want people to experience joy, gratitude and abundance when they realize their full potential. If they expand their roots through transformational change and accelerated development, they gain absolute certainty that they have every resource they need to make their best contribution. Empower. Transform. Accelerate. Crescendo!

Alice Mar Rocher

I earned a Master of Adult Education and Human Resource Leadership Development from the University of Texas at Austin and have over twenty years of experience in leading, coaching and motivating others to peak performance.  As a Master Practitioner, I facilitate accelerated competency development programs and conduct transformational breakthrough sessions using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP.) 

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Alice Mar Rocher