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Casa de Luz Village
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Do you want to be as excited about life as you used to be? Are you looking for more from your relationships, career, health, and other areas of life? Do you want to move forward, but feel as if you’re treading water? Are you repeating the same patterns and need new strategies to get more of what you desire? Do you want to feel in control & positive about yourself, yet find yourself riding an emotional rollercoaster? Are you looking to fully experience joy, yet struggle with feeling disconnected, stressed, or sad? Are you ready to gain the confidence to go from surviving to thriving in life? Join us!

Get ready to experience:

➤ Freedom from mental and emotional blocks
➤ Freedom to transform the way you think
➤ Freedom to forgive and release grudges
➤ Freedom to choose your responses when emotions surface
➤ Freedom to connect to your values and align them to goals and strategies
➤ Freedom to move forward and design the life you deserve


Facilitators Lucy Freedman and Diane Dean, in collaboration with Mea Crescendo

What if in two days you were able to gain robust tools for achieving the kind of influence you have always wanted to get the results in your work you know are possible? And if you could learn to communicate so clearly, effectively and congruently that being on the same page with others was easy and effortless every time? How strong would your relationships at work be and how much more would your projects succeed? What if you could model and teach this to others to help them grow and succeed? How much less energy and time would you spend on clean up and maintenance that could be used to build the things you want to build?

Don't let automatic behavior and unconscious actions cost you precious opportunities!
Learn and practice the five powerful skills of extraordinary influencers
Plan: Be clear on desired outcomes
Link: Be influential in relationships
Balance: Be successful at accomplishing results with others
Inform: Understand and be understood when it matters
Learn: Be responsive to feedback and to all the possibilities open to you
Increase your clarity, flexibility, and ability to deliver consistently outstanding results.

With these five skill sets, you will increase your clarity, flexibility, and ability to deliver consistently outstanding results. What results do YOU want to deliver?

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Tuesday and Wednesday
April 17 - 18
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Norris Conference Center
2525 W Anderson Ln #365
Austin, TX 78757

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