- M.C.

"Alice was professional, insightful, and a pleasure to work with.  The process she guided me through helped me to systematically clarify my values and goals, let go of some of the previously unexamined beliefs and emotional baggage that may be holding me back, and develop a concrete, actionable plan for moving toward the vision I have of my ideal self and my ideal life.  I was a little surprised to find that even after just a couple of days of working with Alice, I have identified some promising changes I can make to move in that direction and I am excited to see them through."  

- A.P.

"I had a breakthrough session with Alice regarding creative blocks I have struggled with for many years. I have always found it hard to perform and put my work out there. The session I had with Alice was truly amazing. She helped guide me into the deep recesses of my subconscious mind and release barriers of fear that have been holding me back for years. I have been working on my blocks for a long time, and am very familiar with many modalities of healing. NLP is a very powerful technique for reprogramming and removing blocks within your subconscious mind. Alice creates a space that is supportive and nurturing that allowed me to go very deep. I wholeheartedly recommend her. I look forward to exploring my new found freedom in my creative expression and performance as I launch several new business endeavors."

"I did a Breakthrough Session with Alice this year and I loved how she validated my viewpoint and experiences while opening me up to new possibilities and perspectives, all while making me feel safe and comfortable. I love that Alice listens patiently, without judgement and offers a huge array of tools and perspectives to get me to my outcome. We did a Breakthrough Session on Health and Fitness and she helped me get a clearer sense of what I wanted to achieve and what was preventing me. For a long time, I ran patterns that were counterproductive, bringing pain from the past into my present and future, which sabotaged my health and fitness goals.  After Alice helped me identify and stop those patterns, I saw marked improvement in not only my fitness, but transformed all categories of my life.  I am now able to move forward with my fitness goals with a light heart and clean conscious. Since our session, I have released 20 pounds and have finished a half marathon!  I am so grateful for Alice and the time she invested in my health! Alice is a loving and supportive person but will be firm with you when you need it! I highly recommend signing up for a Breakthrough Session with Alice to take your life to a new level!"

- A.Z.

"Alice is a very unique communicator and coach. In my breakthrough session, she helped me to identify patterns and habits in my life, release negative emotions and limiting beliefs from the past, and to create new strategies for being more empowered and intentional with my time.  I was able to identify what is most important and clearly define my values. Alice has a distinctive talent to connect you with your authentic self by asking questions and fostering self-awareness to find the answers that are inside of you. I appreciate her help and support and look forward to some big things to come!  Thank you, Alice! This is exactly what I needed to propel me forward in my business and in my life!!" 

- C.C.

"I have struggled with anxiety for a long time and it can be quite a debilitating issue to live with. During my breakthrough session, Alice used a gentle approach that helped me feel safe and comfortable opening up to her. Upon leaving the session, I felt renewed and cleansed; freed from many negative life events I had been dragging around inside my heart. I felt at peace, quiet and still; but also energized and alive with determination to finally take steps to improve my life. To align my work with my values, set some new and exciting goals, create a plan of action and get started building the life I have always wanted. I wouldn't have been able to open myself up to this positive change without Alice's help and guidance."

- J.P.

- K.M.

"Carl Jung said- 'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.' Alice helped me to shine the light in the darkness of my shadow and see the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Throughout the process, she showed the utmost care while challenging me directly to move out of my comfort zone and confront my fears. I am deeply grateful for the flashlight she gave me."

- A.B.

I went into the Breakthrough session not knowing what to expect and I left feeling a profound transformation! Alice created a caring space for me to show up, be vulnerable, and become empowered for my change. She kindly guided me through questions, visualizations and powerful exercises to get clear on what is important to me and to let go of what has been holding me back -- some of which I never realized were there. She keenly observed when there were certain areas where I needed extra work and was able to pull from her vast knowledge and training. Since my session my previously incessant inner-critic is silent. I feel peaceful yet powerful.  I know that I can create the life I want and the successful business I envisioned.

- S.P.

"I worked with Alice for two days in a Breakthrough Session to help release some blocks that were holding me back to my success in business and in life. It was a precise and thorough process of examining past experiences and beliefs. She created a safe space for getting in touch with these beliefs. She listened diligently. The direct questions she asked helped me to get in touch with some of the core thoughts and behaviors I had been holding on to. I could see that these were destructive patterns that weren't serving me. This process also empowered me to see myself and life differently, to make a different choice, and that I was ready to let these patterns go. Alice is an extremely loving, caring, and encouraging person. She's passionate about her work and helping people to break through their limiting beliefs. I highly recommend her and her Breakthrough Sessions to help accelerate you forward in your growth and success!"